Has your well gone dry? (or are you just fat?)

Gluttony is something horrible to talk or write about. Why? Because it is such a personal thing. Gluttony has to do with the "overconsumption, and "over" can be such a subjective term. I also propose that it sometimes can't be seen as "over" until it has actually been too much.

There is a song by  Chaka Khan "Never Miss the Water" (1995 recording written by Gerry DeVeaux and Charlie Mole, featuring vocals by Meshell Ndegeocello) that goes on to say that you don't miss your water till the well runs dry. Many things are unknown to us until they are present (or absent) in our life. But there are circumstances that we can prepare for.

Let's look at your car; whether it runs on gas or electricity, it consumes; this consumption translates into the distance, the better this “translation,” the longer the distance before you run out of fuel. Since we are paying for fuel, we are draining another resource, right? The money could be spent elsewhere. There is a formula for best performance; optimum speed vs. distance. We know that race cars that can get us to point A to point B faster, actually consume fuel faster than an economy car, (which trades fuel economy for speed performance.) But on any of these cars, there is a fuel gauge, so that we can see how much fuel is being used. Like the song, you don't really miss the water until the well has gone dry;  you don't really miss the fuel in your tank until your car stops and we need to start PUSHing.

In physics, we measure the energy or force taken to create the desired effect, because without knowing we run the risk of applying too much or too little. If your cars did not have fuel gauges do you think that people would be PUSHing their vehicles more often? Your initial thought would be YES, but then after running out of fuel once or twice, and going through the effort to PUSH your car to the gas station, you would start paying attention to the distance traveled and start estimating.

The trigger point for gluttony becomes apparent when the consumption becomes wasteful. A restaurant that buys a lot of food in anticipation of a large crowd is wise because if there is no food, people won’t come back. Yet, if you are that owner of the restaurant and have to throw out spoiled food night after night you might start cutting back to save your profit margin. Estimating how much will be used is correctly so not to be wasteful is hard. This is the problem with gluttony, that it has to do with wastefulness and reserves, but it requires diligence and economy as well.

There is no natural gage on your body to tell you when you are storing too much food other than looking in the mirror. How your body processes that food, and what you do to burn calories is all part of that delicate estimation process. Trust me, I have been on both sides of that tipping point on that scale, I have been over 70 pounds overweight, and I have also been very aware of how to keep your body fueled during intense workouts with my Ironman training. We all have been on diets that have had Yo-Yo effects on our bodies and we can read millions of articles that can help us with that gauge and estimation process. After all that what most diets are looking for, best body translation from food to energy to complete your day happy and healthy (or at least they should be).

Gluttony has a look. I am not only talking about a community that is overweight, but I am also talking about the wastefulness of all manner of consumption. When I am running, I am thinking of the next article I will be writing. It normally has to do with something that a client or friend said earlier in the day, this way my writing is fresh and topical. Today as I was running, I could so so much trash on the side of the road. Plastic water bottles, coffee cups and plastic stirrers, containers of all kinds abandoned after use. We don’t really think about the containers (obviously, because they were discarded so nonchalantly), but this is part of that wastefulness. If we were more worried about how the container’s or products end use could be truly consumed or recycled, we wouldn’t be so gluttonous.

We don’t really think about the resources we use, and we will typically NOT think about them till they are gone. At that time, that becomes the catalyst for something else to happen. This is the true sin of gluttony, to be wasteful and non-repentant until the well has gone dry. Like everything else in life, it all starts with SELF first. Once I was watching what I ate for a maximum energy result, my body became healthier. Once I was healthier, the waste of consumption became more apparent to me and my choices for anything had more of a “where is this going to end up” mentality. There are still items that have to have containers, but glass can be recycled, paper can be recycled, and even plastic can be recycled. My environment has become more healthy not only because of my efforts of consumption, but I have expended many hours in waterway cleanups and the like. The opposite side of the spectrum of consumption is temperance. Knowing where to live within your means is temperance as well, and creates financial blessings.

This is probably the strongest reason I have had for pointing out having a mindfulness of being fit. Your fitness discipline will create movement away from gluttony, from overconsumption, and if this is done in one part of your life, it can affect all other parts of your life. This affects your financial health, your social health, your personal health and your spiritual health.


John “Z” Zeydel - your PUSH Coach - striving for a more virtuous lifestyle of love and joy.