Faith - The Single Candle Flame in the Darkness

Do words that you speak have energy? Can the words you use affect someone in a profound way? Is our inner dialogue with yourself important on how we view the world? YES is the answer to all those questions. It is not only the words we use; it is about understanding the energy with those words/thoughts/actions and aiming that energy in the right direction. This is why I have been looking at our words so closely, to examine what we are really emoting.

To measure energy, we must look at what is actually moving; like Einstein says “Nothing happens, until something moves”. Like we know that there really isn't any "darkness" there is only the absence of light; light being the thing that can be measured. But we still have the word Dark, and in the evening we say that it is "getting dark" instead of "sunlight is fading." These are the challenges faced in mapping the emotional energy that we all have, is that we really understand what we are mapping, not what is just apparent.

“Faith” and “commitment” are not always the same things, and this became clear as I was working with a client yesterday. Alex, who was working through some commitment issues. I quickly said "If you are not committed 100%, you really are not committed at all. There is no such thing as being 80% committed." I said this with conviction because this statement helped me at a dark time in my life as well. I had realized that if I let any measure of doubt creep in, then I really was not committed. We all know those people around us that harbor a bit of doubt, and constantly fulfill that doubt by manifesting obstacles that they "can not" overcome. I applied this thinking to my training for the Ironman. If I was truly committed there may be obstacles in my way, but I would always come back to PUSH myself to gain my momentum again.

A huge personal challenge happened to me on July 30th when I had a heart attack as I was training for my first Ironman in October. My commitment was to the training to PUSH myself to test the endurance of my body, so when that Ironman passed without me, I did not fail, I was still training (and am still training to this day!) This made me think of commitment in two parts, one that was reactionary commitment, and one that was proactive.

  • Reactive commitments are your actions AFTER your commitment has been challenged.

  • Proactive commitment are your actions taken prior to any challenges and/or in preparation for challenges that might arise.

Commitment can be looked at this way in relationships too. Anyone that has been married for "years" knows that maintaining that relationship takes work, that is why when you get married it is a commitment you take with your vows.

I am also one to admit that I have had times of weakness, I am actually on marriage three, and this marriage went through a serious dark time at one point (so how can I talk about commitment at all? It is because of what I went through.) I speak personally here, we went through doubts and commitment was broken because of those doubts. My actions after the doubts showed my lack of commitment, it was no longer 100% so it was no longer a commitment. I was not putting in the work to be proactive with my commitment.

We wake up on any given day and can recommit ourselves; to be fully committed again. I was blessed because of the challenges that I have faced not only in relationships and business, for they taught me a lot about being proactive. If you are aware of potential challenges are you going to just HOPE you have the strength to deal with them when you come, or will you exercise and work on those things that strengthen your resolve? Personally, our new commitment that my wife and I have for each other changed everything in my life for the better. I can not stress enough that the word “commitment” is not enough for it normally is just used to mean the reactive commitment - but to do the WORK (being proactive) it takes to have a happy marriage is the goal (happiness is found in effort).

Reactive commitment is only measurable like an on and off switch though, so we know that is not one of the emotional energies; energies are not binary in nature, they are analog. We’ve talked about the level of doubt that can break a commitment, but that a negative or a “lack of” like darkness (the absence of a light). Negatives just have a perception of being real, because the movement has slowed down, but the MOVEMENT is the real energy. The things that slow movement may appear to be real, but it is not the measurable energy it is the natural force of the void. This is where FAITH fits in, faith is the energy it takes to be proactive in your commitment (it takes FAITH to do the work).

Lack of faith is doubt, and full of faith is fully committed. “Oh ye of little faith,” but having just a little is something! Even in the blackest of times, in those darkest moments, a single candle flame breaks the darkness and can lead someone. Just as a little bit of faith can lead and becomes brighter as we bring it closer to our self. Faith is an energy that can be applied to other energies to enhance them, to multiply through action into something that is quite powerful.

The strength of your faith affects those around you as well, giving off a light that shepherds the lost, that becomes a beacon to a safe harbor; if it is steadfast and strong, it can illuminate other strengths and weaknesses that are all part of being human.

Next time I meet with Alex, when we talk about commitment issues, I will change our direction to PUSH with his existing faith. To add my faith to his, to bolster his journey to commitment, to help guide and allow the energies to do their work, to break through all the doubt that creates false fears. Alex’s faith will allow him to boldly go on with the WORK that commitment needs. To be dedicated through faith, to be at peace in the effort of work, that the end will be successful not because of pride, not because of willpower, but through the humbling power of faith applied to the work that needs to be done.


John “Z” Zeydel - your PUSH Coach - mapping out emotional energies to make your efforts more successful.